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 PvP Server Rules! (READ!)

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PostSubject: PvP Server Rules! (READ!)   Sat Nov 09 2013, 03:51

Here is a comprehensive list of PvP Server Rules.
Be advised, these are heavily under construction and may change frequently.

Regardless of what IAE Forum or Server you are on, three rules ALWAYS apply.
----(YES this is a PvP, but that doesn't mean you have to troll)
----In other words, Think BEFORE you Act.
3. NO Swearing
----(kinda part of being respectful, but if you are dumb I thought I would spell it out for ya)

Breaking any of the "Big Three" rules will result in an Immediate Jailing, and possibly a Temp or Perm Ban depending on the level of mayhem caused.

The PvP Server will adhere to these rules:
1. You may ONLY build on these Biomes: Plains, and in the Nether/End  (bridges across rivers are fine). However, you may gather resources from any type of biome.

2. One Castle per person (may be changed later).

3. Beacons may only be used to designate Castles.

4. The use of fire and fire spread is 100% ALLOWED.

5. The Nether and the The End are both accessible and permitted.

6. Don't kill the Iron Golems at the spawn. They are there to protect you.

7. Only one protected double-chest is allowed per player. All else will be fair game for pillaging and plundering.

8. Castles may never be conquered or completely destroyed. However, they may be raided, sacked and burned.

9. TNT may not be used to build over walls.
(not that you will want to, as the treasure room will probably have a roof, and there will be guards).

10. Use your wool color to designate your villages/land. Do not use it to build any sort of structures.
(In other words, your wool color is to be used ONLY as decorations designating your land/villages).

11. There must be door/ portcullis access (no pistons!) to your "treasure room" in your castle. The same applies to your Coal Block in your village. They can be trapped and guarded up the wazoo, but it must be accessible by door and/or portcullis.

12. NPC's must be named one of the following (EXACTLY): "Sentry" (for Melee soldiers) or "Ranger" (for Ranged soldiers)
(if you break this rule I will break you) (it messes things up on my end).

13. Lava and TNT griefing are not allowed (ie pouring lava over a massive mountainside, blowing up an entire village, etc), however they are permitted to be used (within reason!) in whatever other forms you wish (defense, offense, etc). This could also be called "unnecessary usage of TNT or Lava" Meaning: don't use it unless you need to.

14. You may not attack another player, or his marked land, that you have not Properly Declared War to.

15. To Properly Declare War, The other player must be online and you must set them as an enemy via the factions plugin, and type out "I declare War on you <playername>!"

16. If war has been properly declared, you may attack the other player (and his land) at any time (whether he is online or offline)

17. Chests that are inside of your Castle, must be within the castle protection field. In other words, you may not protect your chests in your castle with Village Protection (Coal) Blocks.

Please note that the [You must be registered and logged in to see this link.] about the server are understood as being part of the rules. Please read them as well.
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PvP Server Rules! (READ!)
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