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 About the PvP Server

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PostSubject: About the PvP Server   Sat Nov 09 2013, 04:02

IAE Minecraft PvP Server!

This new PvP Server will allow players to be Lords over their own Castle and Villages. In addition to being able to claim and own land, the player can create and command NPC warriors. However, the players will not be alone in this world, they will be competing with each other for land, power, and wealth.

The final goal? Legends tell of a mystical weapon that is only obtainable by defeating the Ender Dragon. This weapon when wielded by a Wizard, known as the "Dragon Egg", has the power to kill anyone instantly. This then ensures the victory in war of whoever holds this Mystical Weapon... Or does it?

Be the first to claim the Dragon Egg, or be the last man standing. Either way, Form your Nation from the dust of the earth, and Command your armies until no one is left to stand in your way! Take charge and compete with others to obtain victory, or forge strong alliances to repel the enemy forces. You are the King of your lands, do as you please!
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About the PvP Server
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