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 Ideas under Consideration

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PostSubject: Ideas under Consideration   Sat Nov 16 2013, 13:27

This is a post of Ideas that are under Consideration. They can be ones that I have thought of, or ones that you guys have posted as suggestions. Either way they will be the ones that I am most interested in.

Here they are:
--Dispenser Cannons (so that you need less TNT to make a cannon). I would balance it by making it cost in game money.
--Movecraft land vessels, such as Siege Towers to besiege a Castle or town with. (probably will have to be wood, so it can be burnt)
--A plugin called lorelocks. Basically it makes it so you have to lockpick chests.
--A Portal mod that allows the player to create portals to other portals they have built(normal nether portals would still work fine).
--Travelling salesmen
--PvE World (maybe with a questline?)
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Ideas under Consideration
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