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 Getting Started (Tutorial)

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PostSubject: Getting Started (Tutorial)   Sun Nov 17 2013, 16:01

Here is a quick tutorial of what to do when you first spawn:

--First, wait for me to give you a kit of basic supplies.

--Second, adventure out into the world to find an unclaimed village (map coming soon!)

--Third, once you have found the village you want, let me know. I will then give you your castle building supplies.

--Fourth, protect your Village with the Coal Block (it can be moved later as long as you mine it with a pick).

--Fifth, Build your Castle! (Make sure the Castle field will not overlap with the Village field!)
Also, please ignore modifying your village for now, build the castle first.

Here are some basic commands to get you by until I get the tutorials set up:

--Set your home by sleeping in your bed
Use "/home" to teleport back
When it is set properly, you will spawn at your bed if you die

--Use "/ps visualize" while pointing at your coal or bedrock block to see where the field extends to.

--Use "/sell 388 <amount you wish to sell>" to sell emeralds. Each emerald is worth $25, and each Soldier requires $100.

--Use "/npc create <Sentry or Ranger> --trait sentry" to create a Soldier.

--Use "npc equip" to Enter or Exit the equipment editor. From this you can right click with an item to give it to your NPC.

--Use "npc path" to Enter or Exit the waypoint editor. From this you can left click a block for the Soldier to stand, or several places for the Soldier to patrol.
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Getting Started (Tutorial)
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