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 Stone Protection Tutorial

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PostSubject: Stone Protection Tutorial   Wed Nov 20 2013, 02:50

This plugin is fairly simple. Here are the basics of how to use the plugin. (More information on the abilities/limitations of this plugin can be found in the Basics thread [You must be registered and logged in to see this link.])

Place a Bedrock block to claim a "Castle Protection" Zone/field

Place a Coal Block to claim a "Village Protection" Zone/field

When pointing your reticule at either a Coal or Bedrock block, use "/ps visualize" to make your field's boundaries appear.

To "take over" someone's village, you must break their Coal block and place your own.

Additionally, you may allow someone to build in your area by using the "/ps allow <playername>" command. To remove them, simply use "/ps remove <playername>"

Gold Blocks:
Same diameter as Coal Block. Will revert explosions by enemies when right clicked.
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Stone Protection Tutorial
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