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 Factions Tutorial

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PostSubject: Factions Tutorial   Fri Dec 20 2013, 02:44

Hey guys, here are the basics you need to know about the factions plugin:

To Create a Faction:
1) Type "/f create <nameofyourfaction> (no spaces allowed in name)
2) You are done!

To Change the Relations between your faction and another:
1) Type "/f <ally;neutral;enemy> <name of faction>"
2) The other faction will see a message based on your command and may need to accept before it becomes official
3) You are done!

List of other commands:
>> "/f list" -- Lists all factions
>> "/f faction" -- Shows info about your faction
>> "/f name" -- Changes the name of your faction
>> "/f player <playername>" -- Shows info about the player

Disregard anything about "Power" as I am not using it. All messages should be disabled, but it shows up in info and such.
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Factions Tutorial
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