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 Content and Control Points!

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Server Admin

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PostSubject: Content and Control Points!   Fri Dec 20 2013, 20:12

Hey guys!

I just wanted to let you all know that Squirtler has become the servers content builder. If you have any ideas for Control Points and other types of in game content, post the ideas in this thread!

I will leave it up to his discretion as to whether or not to build it, but you have only to gain if you post your ideas!

--Iron and Coal mines (each producing a sizable chunk of resources)
--Bandit/Merc Camps (pref along outer border of plains)
--Potion spawning witch
--Wizard + magical items(and my addition to this idea is a really tall wizard's tower full of awesome but equally dangerous stuff)
--Elves + various items
--PvE world (I will have to work with squirt on this, but maybe this can be combined with the Wizard tower? Razz)

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Server Builder
Server Builder

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PostSubject: Re: Content and Control Points!   Sat Dec 21 2013, 18:00


I still think mercenary camps that spawn soldiers or equipment would be awesome. I'm thinking these should be on the borders of the plains biome, as that makes more sense than somewhere in the middle unless it becomes a balance issue.

A swamp witch that gives you potions/poisons is a must.

Likewise a wizard for magical tool drops or lapis lazuli/emerald bits could be thematic and not too overpowered.

Elven outposts that give baby trees, lumber, arrows, and string.

Horselord, a wandering man with a donkey that will trade gold for leather.

One dwarven surface merchant colony that handles the enchantment/anvil service, that way players dont have to invest a great deal of iron to make anvils ALL the time. 


I still love the idea of a static questline that would be optional and a little pve or whatever. Maybe a dungeon delving where player-kings could temporarily lay down the sword and adventure together for split loot. Personally I feel that desert region is just begging for an adventure-pyramid related trapfest.

Also it times of global peace maybe travelling tourneys and pit fights for glory could be held at the royal courts of the realm. Just a thought. 

Finally there should be a relic hunt out there with like a kind of treasure map in pieces and riddles and clues hidden around the plains biome in every sovereign land (for fairness) and it all leads to something earthshattering, but not easy to find (maybe held in Squirtler's hands or something so that it couldn't be stumbled upon).
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Server Admin
Server Admin

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PostSubject: Re: Content and Control Points!   Sun Dec 22 2013, 23:42

Nice suggestions!

I would like to mention that quite a few of these have alot to do with server side stuff, and Squirtler is pretty much just building stuff in game.

Still, I am glad to hear your ideas as I may be able to implement them in due time.

Thanks Radlev!
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PostSubject: Re: Content and Control Points!   

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Content and Control Points!
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